Violent video games

Violent video games (Pisano, 2014)

Not all video games are obviously harmful to children, for example, can stimulate some perceptual-spatial and motor skills, while others force you to think, plan strategies, finding solutions when suddenly there is a problem. Not all research on violent video games then identify a causal link between the virtual and the real violence although some researchers have found that exposure to aggressive stimuli virtual can increase aggression in real life, producing reactions, thoughts, emotions tend to be more violent.

Here we will focus our attention on video games that can be found directly on the Internet and those that can be used online only after you have purchased a specific console that connects to the network. With regard to the first category of video games, we report the following types:

  • Mind games and memory;
  • Billiards and Pinball;
  • Casino: Blackjack, backgammon, poker at Texas, video poker, roulette, slot machines;
  • Board games or sports theme;
  • Games that focus only on football;
  • Games in which you fight in heaven or earth;
  • Action games, highlights and adventure.

It is interactive video games (player vs. player, player vs. game software, multi players such as MMORPGs) that allow, after registration, the opportunity to play with other people at that time connected on line, known or unknown. Please remember that many games allow interaction via synchronous or asynchronous chat via forum and that during or after play sessions, participants can communicate with each other.

Sometimes you experience some real “flaming” (verbal battles online) during which many pre-teens and teens are “fun” insulting each other.

they are usually targeted with insults and threats, especially beginners (new user) that, under the pretext of errors that inevitably inexperience causes, become the object of aggressive discussions (a phenomenon referred to as the United States “baiting”).

As for video games which can participate only after buying a console and software, we recall for example the most famous: God of War, Narc, Killer, The Warriors. Crime Life Gang Wars, Condemned: Criminal Origins, True Crime: New York City, Bad Company, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Mafia, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Call of Duty, Battlefield. I very different genres are divided by the “first person shooter” (often abbreviated with the acronym FPS, First Person Shooter, a term adopted to indicate those games in which the visual simulates the point of view of the main character), the “third-person shooter “(TPS – Third Person Shooter, the game view is usually a little behind the character controlled by the player) until you get to role-playing games (RPG, role-playing game, usually limited to video games with a top-down perspective, and in some cases in the third person).