Sites pager (social network) and sex without commitment (Pisano, 2014).

The social networks are “virtual places” in which anyone can build a personalized profile with photos, videos, comments, and meet other surfers on line attending the same community. In addition to Facebook, there are many other social networks including MySpace, Hi5, Flickr, Skyrock, Friendster, Tagged, LiveJournal, Orkut, Fotolog,, LinkedIn, Badoo.Com, Multiply, Imeem, Ning,, Twitter, myYearbook, Vkontakte, ASMALLWORLD, Windows Live, Xiaonei, and among the most recent: Snapchat, Tinder, Down, Meetic, lovvo and

Sometimes it may happen that especially the younger ones, not educated to a conscious use of new technologies, build a profile in which they fail to balance the need to be known (the pleasure principle) with a duty to protect their own and others’ privacy (principle of reality). And despite calls from the Ministry of Education (see, eg Directive 104 of 1997) and the Guarantor for the protection of personal data more and more boys continue to load in the network and video as well as photographs of themselves even acquaintances, without have received the necessary authorization or spread without protect, information about their personal lives, work and sex.

But social networks are not just places in which to perform, but also spaces that promote understanding of other people and allow then to enter into real life sexual relationships without commitment. Many kids and adults can then look for an online friend / a with whom to share their free time and have sex subtracted from any form of emotional involvement. The phenomenon known by the English term ” friend with benefits “or vulgar Italian form” trombamico” (fuckbuddy) is increasingly popular to the point that you can find in numerous internet sites dedicated to explaining how to behave when you decide to engage in sexual relations without love.

Attendance of online communities that emphasize self and non-self aggressive behaviours.

Always online, you can finally navigate the numerous sites that emphasize self and non-self aggressive behaviours, such as suicide sites pro, pro anorexia (also called pro-ana ) and pro bulimia ( pro mia ) and blogs ( ACAB)that enhance the violence against the police or the fans of opposing teams. Some young people spend most of their time actively contributing to the filling of these virtual spaces, “posting” comments, thoughts, photos, videos, and thinking in this way to differentiate themselves from the crowd by doing something original.