Self production of Pornography (CHILD)

The viewing of pornography, sexual contact with adults cyber-predator, self-handling of material pornographic (child) (Pisano 2014)

Increasingly the internet is used by children and adults to access pornographic websites. It is estimated that about a quarter of all requests made to the search engines regard pornographic, that over 30% of all downloads is pornographic in nature and that the phenomenon of interest most of the male than female.

But next to a passive enjoyment of pornography which is to look at pictures and erotic movies, internet also offers the opportunity to participate actively. With the easy construction of an avatar, with genitals often equipped with piercing, tattoo, of different shapes, colors and shades, you can engage in sexual relations with other avatars in the online community. In these cases, the internet while they are coupled avatars have the ability to communicate with each other (via chat or verbally if your computer has a sound card and a microphone) and tighten the “friends” that can also go in real life. You can watch online cartoon pornographic, known as Hentai (japanese word which means abnormality, perversion), depicting scenes of extreme sex and gruesome in which women but sometimes even teenagers suffer sexual harassment or rapes. Even in this case, teens and adults can interact with the animated and participating in sexual abuse by clicking the appropriate buttons.

There is therefore not surprising that immature and fragile personalities can develop a serious addiction to cybersex (Cantelmi et. Until 2000, Young, 2000), which strengthens the process of isolation from the social fabric and, more generally, psychological problems existing online activity. The most severe cases can even lead to serious forms of social withdrawal, known in Japanese society hikikomori (literally “to stand on the sidelines, isolate”), consisting in refusal to leave the house, go to school, do normal daily activities. In these situations, young people often use internet as the only way to get in touch with the outside world.

More particularly worrying phenomenon is the involvement of preadolescents and adolescents in sexual activities with adults known online. The phenomenon, also known as grooming , seems to hit most girls and usually begins in chat rooms for the young in which the cyber sexual predator tries to develop a relationship with the victim. Did the first virtual meeting, the primer on line, which almost always declares his true age, gradually builds a relationship of trust that can culminate, after a few months, in one or more sexual encounters in real life (Finkelhor, 2004). Sometimes they are even taken photographs or video clip that then the cyber predator can upload online or use it to blackmail the victim and ask for new sexual performance.

But sometimes they are the same girls to click the photographs that portray the nude and then sell them to peers and / or adults. Or as in the case of the ” dancing girls “can be found in thousands of network video of half-naked girls dancing in their room, inside the car of a subway or on the street to become visible, this time free of charge to the community online.