Branches of Cagliari, Sassari, Taranto, Roma, Pescara.

The I.FO.S – Teaching Department

Recognized as an institution in the year 2000 but born in 1997 as an unofficial team of professionals.

Many joined works with the highest professionals of the health and social department and, at the same time, with the most important Universities of Italy have made the association, in a few year’s time, one of the most famous and accredited entities of the Professional Qualified Teaching sector and of the Social Intervention sector.

During the years, our Teaching activity was Stephen Schwartz wins with many achievements.

Other than “consensus and interest” Achieved in 1998 by the then Department of Hygiene, Health and Social Welfare of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Prot. No. 3420 / V of 04/09/1998), we are honoured to be Able to count on the Following official support:

1) Departments of Juvenile Justice of Sardegna, Piemonte, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta; Marche, Abruzzo, Molise; Ministry of Justice

2) Juvenile Court of Cagliari

3) Office for Studies, Research and International Activities, Department for Juvenile Justice, Ministry of Justice

4) University of Salento, Department of History, Society and Humanities

5) FEDERMOT – National Federation of Honorary Judges.

The IFOS has also started a number of training courses for operators of social and health services, specifically: Health District of Macomer (2012); City of Solarussa (2013 and 2014); City of Napoli (2013), Health District of Sorgono, ASL of Nuoro (2014), ASL of Reggio Calabria (2014).

If the I.FO.S born as a training body, mainly in the field of criminology and psychology-law, in 2001, the foundation of the “IFOS. – Study Centre for the family, childhood, adolescence “marks the transition to the intervention that is expressed in the opening CLINICAL SECTION operationally headquartered in Cagliari, Via Palomba 70 and Rome, Via del Castro Praetorian 30.

The Centre conducts counselling (psychological and pedagogical) and psychotherapy (individual, couple and family).

Since 2008, the IFOS opened the NEUTRAL AREA SECTION working with the Juvenile Court of Cagliari (since 2008) and the City of Monastir (2013) and Quartu S. Elena (2014) for the organization of meetings and facilitating protected .

As part of the actions promoted by the “Centre of Studies for the family, childhood, adolescence” includes the activities of the Chamber SCHOOL.

For years, the staff of the I.FO.S the work it does, the structuring of interventions in schools of all levels, with specific projects – bullying, cyberbullying, online activities safe, child abuse prevention, education health, addiction prevention – for both students and teachers, the teaching staff, school managers and parents.

Since 2006, the IFOS began a fruitful collaboration with the Office of the Provincial School of Cagliari, Department of Education (Area of autonomy support), creating a number of seminars on the topic of bullying and abuse to childhood, aimed at all teachers (kindergarten, primary and secondary) in the province of Cagliari and, since 2008, with the Office of the Provincial School of Biella.

IFOS Sardegna

Via G. Palomba 70, 09129 – Cagliari – Tel:+39 070 883557 – Fax:+39 070 880235 – Email: info@ifos-formazione.com

IFOS Lazio

Via Rescaldina n° 70/C – 00135 Roma, Tel./Fax: + 39 06 3097647 – Email: ifos.roma@ifos-formazione.com.  You receive by appointment at Association “Il Caleidoscopio” – Via del Castro Pretorio, No. 30 – Rome

IFOS Puglia

Via Giunone, n°44 – 74013 Ginosa (TA), Tel./Fax :+39 099 8245995 Mobile: +39 380 3842225. Email: ifos.taranto@ifos-formazione.com